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Frequently asked questions

Elegantly designed with local community in mind. MyKeda is an online directory sitting at the crossroads of business cards and websites. Fully searchable for visitors to find reputable local businesses, and smoothly setup business owners to get their own Smart Card.

MyKeda centralizes all of the information for a local business into one elegantly displayed 'Smart Card'. These Cards act as an online business card which is fully searchable within as well as being able to be indexed in major search engines and connected to a personalized domain name (URL).

Do you have a business, service, product, or something special about yourself to showcase for the world? If yes, you’re completely eligible for a Smart Card! At we create your Smart Card for whatever you do. If you're eligible for a business card then you're eligible for a Smart Card

So glad you asked… YES! We have a highly lucrative Affiliate Program for those interested. With the help of our trusted affiliates is able to expand and include even more valued businesses. We have a structured Affiliate program so that YOU GET PAID for bringing MyKeda to the businesses in your community. For more information on becoming an Affiliate please visit our Affiliate page.

Yes! MyKeda Smart Cards are created and maintained by SEO professionals with years of experience under their belt. They spend their weekends and evenings scouring the latest news, blogs, and industry updates, to ensure that MyKeda Smart Cards are kept up to the latest standards for SEO.

Absolutely. MyKeda Smart Cards are setup to be easily shared and reached through major Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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