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A SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY! Nutritional supplements take customer from severe injuries suffered during an auto accident to fully-restored [PICTURE OF SHANNON] This is Shannon Fridell, age 50. How does she look this good--especially after being badly hurt in a head-on collision? Her ordeal began in January of 2007 when a drunk driver slammed into her car, leaving her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), two neck fractures, a compound right leg femur fracture, torn ligaments in her right ankle and a cracked left kneecap. Merely walking or talking was a major undertaking; her extreme pain required three narcotics. Recovery inched forward After a year of self-rehab, she could walk around the block but not up and down stairs. In spite of this, she joined a gym and got a college degree in accounting, all amid her pounding pain and cloudy mind. Slowly, she weaned herself from the narcotics. “I was scared to death that somebody would ask me a question because I couldn’t talk or participate like a normal person would. So I would sit and listen, taking notes to review later so I could work to understand the conversation that had taken place.” In an effort to improve her condition, she was “spending a good chunk of money on brand-name supplements with no results. My pain level remained high and the products didn’t improve my energy, stamina or my general health.” Signs of improvement came quickly “When I had taken AgeLoc Vitality® for several days, I noticed that I was not falling asleep while reading. I was getting through the textbook chapters and retaining the information. My college test scores improved dramatically because I could remember what I had read. Within two months, I was more alert, retaining information, sleeping better and I had more energy.” Prior to this she had to wrestle with mental fogginess just to get through the day. Her doctors also warned her of permanent disability which would limit her activities. They recommended no pressure on her knees, no lifting—and not to even dream of such things as water skiing! Another four doctors diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and told her to “live with it.” Ah-ha aftershocks Then came the “ah-ha” moments. Before taking the Pharmanex supplement called AgeLoc Vitality®, she had to “write a list for everything I did, all my errands, my school schedule—I had to write everything down. Four months after taking the supplements I no longer needed to write everything down. I walked down the grocery store aisle and I knew exactly what I wanted without a list”. The light came on: “I can do this!” After she had been on AgeLoc Vitality® for about six months and, strolling down the sidewalk one winter night, she stopped in amazement. “Did you see what I just did?” she asked her friends. Then came their curious retorts, “Yeah, you just stepped off a curb.” She burst out joyfully “I’m not limping! And my leg doesn’t hurt and my knee is not inflamed.” For the first time in five years, that simple movement was not painful nor was the metal in her leg aching from the cold air. As her pain level decreased, her activities increased. “I was able to walk up and down stairs, my knee was not locking up on me and I wasn’t taking any Tylenol or ibuprofen. Within eight months of taking the supplements, I was pain-free.” In 2013, she stopped taking prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, choosing instead to rely solely on her supplements. There have been no repercussions with that decision. During the last three years Shannon acquired dental braces and implants, but instead of taking ibuprofen she decided to take Pharmanex Cartilage Formula® instead; she was amazed at the relief that soon followed. She got her life back Since then, all those dire medical forecasts have faded away with the pain. “I have it on video that I water ski! I climb mountains, bicycle and swim. I’m able to do everything and more than I did before the accident in 2007.” One of the mountains she topped twice was Angel’s Rest, a 1,584-foot peak in Oregon. And the diagnosis of IBS, which had plagued her early on in life, disappeared a year ago when she began taking Pharmanex Probio PCC® after three other brands failed the test. Shannon reports she is now a full-time bookkeeper. “My work is error-free and the effects of any traumatic brain injury have vanished. I have just turned 50 and I have more energy than I did when I was in my 30s. I am able to manage two active grandkids, I am pain-free and living a life I love!” Her doctor wouldn’t argue. She gets an A+ at her annual medical checkups. “I’m extremely healthy with a zest for life.” That, she says, is a result of her daily regimen of Nu Skin products: Vitality®, ProBio®, Cartilage Formula, Lifepak Nano®, and AgeLoc Youth®, which she plans to take for life.

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