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Carl’s Alignment and Brake

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Carl’s Alignment & Brake has been serving Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas since 1982 in the automotive industry. As a family owned and operated business Carl’s Alignment & Brake handles foreign and domestic vehicles, motor homes all the way to custom built kit cars. With their primary service being general alignments and brakes, Carl’s Alignment & Brake has made a name for themselves for covering all general vehicles and even specialties vehicles including hot rods and muscle cars. With the ability to handle larger vehicles such as motorhomes Carl’s Alignment and Brake has you covered. The main four areas of service consist of alignments, suspension, drive trains and brakes. As a hard working company, Carl’s takes great pride in their work making sure each job is completed safely with the highest standard. With any family owned company you would expect a friendly professional atmosphere, that stands true to Carl’s Alignment and Brakes.


Main services provided at Carl’s Alignment and Brake include: Alignments Brakes Drive-train Safety Inspections Suspension Covering -Foreign and Domestic, Cars and Trucks, RV’s and Trailers, Classics to Exotics

Our Services Cover Several Different Areas within the Alignments, Brakes and Drivetrain Categories: Wheel Alignment, Steering, and Brakes We offer basic to custom alignment work of the daily driver to the enthusiast. This covers general alignment in to get your vehicle back to driving straight and smooth. With several parts dealers, Carl’s Alignment and Brake works with we can find the right part at the right price to fit your budget. Twin beam, axle housing straightening and front-end rebuilding If a vehicle has been damaged or even worn to the ground certain parts may need to be replaced/fixed or even straightened to ensure your vehicle can perform to the standards it was meant to off the lot. With vehicles that have been driven thousands of miles it’s only a matter of time before parts start to wear down and need to be fixed. Please gives us a call for more information about Twin beams, axle house straightening and front-end rebuilding. RV brake and suspension systems Known for our competitive work on RVs we offer brake and suspension work to get you back on the road. With large vehicles, its important to have them maintained and checked out by a professional to ensure the proper brake stopping power. Suspension plays a big role in the ability of your brakes. Having both in tune and working properly can reduce the amount of road needed to properly and safely stop your RV. Frames and Custom Fabrication Lift kits and professional lowering Having a professional lower or lift your vehicle plays an important part of having your vehicle drive safely and properly. When lowering your vehicle there are several different factors to consider and just cutting your spring will not suffice. This can cause damage to the frame over time and misalign your vehicle if not done right. Front and Rear Wheel Alignments Banks Engineering Exhaust On Car Wheel Balancing CV Axles Replacement Custom Street Rods Fabrication and Welding of Frames and Suspensions

Frequently Asked Questions – Carl’s Alignment and Brake Question: How long will it take to adjust my Alignment, Suspension or Brakes? Answer: If there are no issues and a smooth realignment/adjustment can take place then approximately 2 hours including the full inspection. Most often parts are worn out or broken. A proper alignment must have all parts in proper working order and that is exactly what our inspection takes care of. This Allows us to advise and point out found issues so we can get the vehicle back to proper working order


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